WHAT are eurodollar futures?

The Eurodollar futures contract is one of the largest and most successful interest rate-based contracts. This futures contract represents the interest rate on U.S. Dollars that are deposited in banks overseas.

WHY would you want to trade eurodollar futures?

  1. Based on the 3-month LIBOR rate, which is the benchmark for short-term interest rates.
  2. Trading opportunities come up around Fed Announcements.
  3. Spread opportunities against other interest rate products. 

HOW DO you trade eurodollar futures?

Eurodollar futures contracts are used by a wide array of users, from banks to proprietary trading firms and commercial businesses to hedge funds. So, if you have U.S. dollar market exposure, Eurodollar futures can help manage your risk.

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Eurodollar EDA

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Contract Month
H, M, U, Z (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)
Trading Hours
5:00pm – 4:00pm (Sun–Fri) CT
Contract Size
~$1M principal value
Trading Venue
CME offers electronic trading almost 24/6
Minimum Tick
0.0025 price points
Product Symbol
Dollar Value of One Tick
Options Available
Quarterly, Serial, Weekly
Notional Value
Product Name
Options Expirations
Options Symbol
Trading Venue
Trading Hours
5:00pm – 4:00pm (Sun–Fri) CT
Type Of Expiration
Minimum Tick Size