WHAT are 10-Year Note futures?

Allows market participants to gain exposure to  interest rates on US debt at the 10 year position on the yield curve.

WHY would you want to trade 10-Year note futures?

  1. Opportunities to hedge against adverse interest rate conditions.
  2. Allows traders to take a position on the interest yield curve.
  3. Deep and liquid market against other points on the yield curve.

HOW DO you trade 10-year note futures?

Among the most liquid products in the world, Treasury futures and options lend themselves to a variety of risk management and trading applications, including hedging, income enhancement, duration adjustments, interest rate speculation and spread trades. 

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10-Year T-Note TYA

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Contract Month
H, M, U, Z (Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec)
Trading Hours
Sunday – Friday 5:00pm – 4:00pm CT with a 60-minute break each day beginning at 4:00pm CT
10-Year T-Note
Contract Size
FV $100,000
Trading Venue
CME offers electronic trading almost 24/6
Minimum Tick
1/32 of 1 point
Product Symbol
Dollar Value of One Tick
Options Available
Quarterly, Serial, Weekly
Notional Value
Product Name
10-Year Treasury Note
Options Expirations
Serial, Weekly, Quarterly
Options Symbol
Serial/Quarterly - OZN
Weekly - ZN1-ZN5
Trading Venue
Trading Hours
Sunday – Friday 5:00pm – 4:00pm CT with a 60-minute break each day beginning at 4:00pm CT
Type Of Expiration
Minimum Tick Size
1/64 of a point ($15.625/contract), rounded to the nearest cent/contract.




Source: Redsky Markets


Feb 28
First Notice
10-Year T-Note
Mar 01
First Delivery
10-Year T-Note
Mar 20
Last Trade
10-Year T-Note

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